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I drove into the mall at Netanya. The entry machine popped out my payment stub. I found a parking place and began my people-watching journey through the mall for the next two hours. Being worn out from the Israeli people-play, I headed down to the payment machine, pulled out my wallet, dropped in my shekels, and received my exit receipt. Then I headed out to the underground parking lot to find my car. But guess what? I couldn’t find my car! And after three laps through the Level 3 Parking Lot, I still couldn’t find my car! So what then? Of course, back to the underground elevator to try Level 2. And there it was. My little lost wallet–laying on the floor in front of the payment machine, ten feet from the elevator. All by itself. No one near or far, just my little lost wallet. “Oh, thank you Lord! You lost my car so I could find my wallet! You not only care about the big things, but You also care about the small things.” “. . . for all things are possible with God” (Mark 10:27b). Oh by the way, I found my car on Level 2.

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